International Business Women's Group

IBWG Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program supported by the IBWG in Dubai will follow the outline of those programs set up by International Education Institutions & Academies (the Institutions) whose aims are….

  • To groom and develop future leaders
  • To guide and support graduates career development and personal growth
  • To foster an environment of learning
  • To connect graduates with local, regional, and global business professionals who want to share their experience and knowledge

The Objectives of the program are simple:

  1. Facilitate relationships and learning opportunities between mentees and IBWG mentors that continue to develop over time
  2. Allow mentees the opportunity to “connect” with business professionals
  3. Allow a mentee to talk with a “confidant” about ideas related to career aspirations
  4. Establish a network of relationships between the IBWG and the Institutions

Finding mentors

IBWG sources mentors from our Members. We look for ladies who are prepared to support, guide and act as mentors to students with career aspirations in their profession or industry. They should have suitable competencies such as excellent communication, listening and counselling skills and indicate a willingness to devote time once per month to establish a relationship with and develop a mentee.

The IBWG will facilitate the connection or match with a mentor based on a number of career related criteria (interests, experience, skills and background) and the mentor’s profession and industry. The mentor and mentee must agree that a match is a ‘fit’.

All IBWG members are potential mentors. The students are from a wide range of nationalities, cultures, educational backgrounds and experiences. If you feel you have expertise to share with a younger professional just starting out then please join our program. Our current mentors are Entrepreneurs, Managers, Events Co-ordinators, Bankers and Professional Development Trainers.

Program Schedule

  • Our current program is already underway – having commenced in October - Most mentors continue on with their mentees, allowing a natural end to the relationship, unless the Institution decides otherwise.
  • Meetings are arranged for minimum of once per month, but can be any style, i.e., One-on-One, E-meetings or even Telephone
  • There will also be opportunities through the academic year for mentors and mentees to join receptions or speaker series offered by the various Institutions and the IBWG.
  • IBWG will maintain contact with each mentor to offer advice or support during the mentoring period.

For further information please contact Sue-Sharyn Ward on email or mobile +971506578445