International Business Women's Group

Small Business Incubator

A Resource for Small Business Professionals

If you are thinking of starting a new business or expanding your existing one, the Small Business Incubator (SBI) might just be the right networking event for you.

It takes more than just a great product or service to succeed in business - networking and the ability to weather the storm in a variety of economic climates are crucial. If you are looking to make networking contacts, or just want to see how your business is positioned to respond to the current needs of your target market, then get involved by joining the SBI network.

What Is ...

The SBI is a special interest group/resource for anyone who runs their own small business. The group is educational with a series of relevant speakers, and includes opportunities for networking and sharing best practice. The SBI aims to address issues concerning the day-to-day running of a small business, so please pass this on to interested colleagues (male and female).

Our Objectives

  • Continue the business education of small business owners
  • Enable further networking opportunities with other small business owners
  • Take advantage of the advice of specialists asked to share their expertise with the group


The topics will be driven by the members of the SBI. Where incubator members have particular expertise they will be asked to share it and where the expertise is not available within the group we will look into the wider community to find it. You will have opportunities to share your challenges and question the experiences of others during the seminars.


Our aim at this stage is to meet every three months and we will contact you two weeks prior to the date advising topics and speakers and asking for your confirmation. Less than 10 confirmations and we will cancel the event. Ten or more and the event will run.

The Venue

SBI seminars are currently held in several venues – location will be advised on the booking form or you can find information in our Upcoming Events Section. Seminars are usually held on Saturdays and take the form of either a morning workshop or an evening networking event.

The seminars are open to all entrepreneurs and small business owners – men and women. At these seminars you will meet and listen to experts who have offered to provide advice and support.

How to Book...

Send an email to Sue-Sharyn Ward at or advising your interest in joining the group and your choice of topics. You will get some ideas from the list below but do not be restricted by them. Be as specific as possible and, if you know someone who would be perfect to speak on the topic, let us know.


This is a not for profit group and fees will be minimal to cover costs such as gifts for the speakers and other items such as refreshments & photocopies when appropriate.


Visit the Upcoming Events section of the Website for the next Seminar or Workshop

Let us know what topics you would like to see featured at a Small Business Incubator session in the future – Here are some suggestions.  Please contact if you would like to explore other areas of setting up your business


  • Getting legal - different types of trade licences
  • Other legal aspects of running a business
  • Does your business have a mission, vision & ethics?
  • Steamlining your business
  • How to grow your business
  • Making & managing strategic alliances
  • Business tips
  • Top ten reasons small business fail - how to avoid being a statistic


  • Marketing your service (intangibles)
  • You are your best PR… how to capitalise on that
  • Running a small promotional event
  • Considerations for branding and your corporate image
  • Giving presentations to promote your business


  • Cultivating your NetworkImplementing and effectively using a contact database
  • Communications on the move
  • Managing customer relationships
  • Proactive pursuit - getting your customers to come back
  • Creating an offer they can't refuse


  • Recording your financial information
  • Creating a financially healthy (new) business
  • How to boost your conversion rates
  • Making financial decisions about your business e.g. when will you be ready to employ another person?
  • Setting up back office systems
  • Logistics when importing into the UAE


  • Getting your e-business right
  • Deciding when a website is necessary
  • Making your website attractive
  • Creating and using a newsletter effectively
  • Using email to support your marketing effort


  • Recruiting the best staff
  • Managing your team
  • Mentoring - getting help as you ride the rapids of business
  • The outsourcing decision

Check out our Previous Events section to see what topics we have already covered