International Business Women's Group


The IBWG in Dubai meet regularly each month to achieve our common objective of professional networking. The underlying message at each meeting is one of professionalism, personal growth and development.

IBWG membership is multicultural in every respect and we endeavour to embrace our cultural diversity wherever possible, from our choice of speakers and appropriate events (Ramadan's Iftar gathering) to networking events with other nationality-led business groups.

Our regular meetings take the form of luncheons and breakfasts held at suitable venues.

  • At our luncheons, which are currently held at the prestigious World Trade Club, we endeavor to source speakers whose chosen topic provides our members and their guests with insight, firsthand experience, motivation, knowledge and a touch of humor.
  • As our breakfasts are networking meetings, these provide opportunities for round-table discussions and an exchange of ideas on current issues of relevance to members.