International Business Women's Group

Criteria To Join IBWG

Whilst the IBWG is a not-for-profit group, a committee ensures that certain procedures are adhered to by all members and guests. Notably members must be Decision Makers (entrepreneurs, proprietors, partners, directors, general managers and senior level management). The Committee reserves the right to ensure potential members meet the criteria.

Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year and an annual fee of Dirhams 400/- (pro rate fee Dirhams 200) is paid by members. Fees are due each year on 1st January. This covers administration and telecommunications charges, speaker's gifts and the upkeep of the official website. Should you join from the middle of a financial year onwards, a pro rata fee of Dhs 200/- will be payable.

How to Apply

New members should be introduced or nominated by a current paid-up member or Committee Member and can apply to join by completing the application form and profile online. If you are new to Dubai and do not know anyone indicate this in the nomination field.

The Committee meets each month and will assess your application at that time. You will be notified when your application has been approved and can then pay your membership fee. In the meantime you may attend up to 2 events as a guest.

Please contact a Committee Member or arrange an invitation via a current member should you wish to attend an event prior to your membership approval being granted. See 'contact us' section


The Fee of 400/- Dirhams per year is required to contribute to administration costs.

These funds are collected in January of each year.

Please make cheques payable to Sue-Sharyn Ward -No Credit Cards.

If you are unable to pay at a luncheon please post your cheque and a copy of your application form to

Sue-Sharyn Ward
IBWG Committee
PO Box 24407
Satwa, Dubai, UAE

Please DO NOT register the letter.

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